On a cold January morning in 1986 NASA launched the Space Shuttle Challenger, despite warnings against doing so by many individuals, including Allan McDonald.

In his riveting keynote McDonald, a skilled engineer and executive, relives the tragedy from where he stood at Launch Control Center. As he sought to draw attention to the real reasons behind the disaster, he was singled out for retribution by his employer.

He not only accurately diagnosed the problem with the troubled booster's joints but also a failure in management that led to the demise of the Challenger in 1986. As a result of his efforts, he ended up being instrumental in implementing the sweeping changes that markedly improved the safety of future missions.

McDonald's book and keynote speech also addresses the "Lessons Learned" from Challenger that were "forgotten" that led to the Space Shuttle Columbia accident some 17 years later in February 2003.

Truth, Lies, and O-rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster has received numerous five star reviews on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble, and was one of the entries submitted for consideration for the prestigious 2010 Pulitzer Prize.

McDonald’s keynote is a fascinating story about leadership’s role in safety assessments, ethics, engineering, and personal resilience. Engineers, educators, professionals at all levels, and executives alike will be educated and inspired by McDonald’s story – reminding them again of some of the most powerful and timeless lessons of leadership by example.