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Popular Mechanics Reviews Truth, Lies, and O-rings

Popular Mechanics Magazine has selected Truth, Lies, and O-rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster as the second best book written in Science and Technology in 2009.

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Book Reviews of Truth, Lies, And O-Rings: Inside The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster *Best Book on Challenger By far! Review by George Mueller Without question, this book is the best one yet to penetrate the engineering and organizational issues that led to the Challenger accident. Allan J. McDonald is an example to all engineers when it comes to “doing the […]

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Spaceflight Reviews Truth, Lies, and O-rings.

Spaceflight, vol. 52, No. 1, January 2010 Truth, Lies and O-Rings – Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster On a cold January morning in 1986, NASA launched the Space Shuttle Challenger, despite warning against doing so by many individuals. The fiery destruction of Challenger on live television moment after launch remains an indelible image in the nation’s collective memory. In […]

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Additional Book Reviews

Additional book reviews can be found in the Archives section and on the Internet at the websites of the publisher, the University Press of Florida (,, and . There are numerous FIVE-STAR reviews on these websites.

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